Karen Spears - Gallery of Concrete Sculpture, Mosaics and Paintings

Artist Statement


                              "Each piece begins with the rawness of concrete

                                 and becomes a glass mosaic surface of

                                            color, reflection, and depth."   


Concrete Sculpture & Glass Mosaic


Concrete and glass, separately, are opposite in purpose and effect, which makes putting them together into a finished work of art interesting and unknown.  Each step in the process sets the stage for the next, as my work is rarely planned. 


My concrete sculptures are formed by sand casting or hand-made molds from recycled materials.  After painting the surface of the sculpture abstractly or in a pattern, I apply clear textured iridescent glass and stained glass to the surface.  The color below the glass seeps through creating depth and reflection.  Grouting the surface completes the process.


Stained Glass Mosaic Panels - Painting with Glass


To create the glass mosaic panels, I apply stained glass mosaics to a panel of glass which allows for transparency.  I use the colorful stained glass pieces to create my original designs inspired from nature.  After grouting the surface, copper wire is free-formed to frame the mosaic design. 



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